About CARE Plus

The CARE Plus program is part of a portfolio of projects focused on maternal and infant health in Indiana. We use a unique, community-focused approach to help mothers living with substance use disorder and their infants.

The goals of CARE Plus are to decrease infant mortality, improve the long-term health of mothers and babies, and address the opioid crisis. Signs of the program’s positive impact are evident in the success stories of mothers and babies who have participated as well as in measures of infant mortality in Indiana, which in 2020 reached its lowest level since 1900.

CARE Plus is offered to perinatal women at hospitals and clinics in the Indianapolis area. If the mother chooses to participate a therapist will meet with the mother and baby weekly, educating her on the importance of healthy attachments while a community health worker/peer coach is available on demand to provide support and access to resources in the local community.

Principal Investigators

Joanna headshot
Joanna E. Chambers, MD
CARE Plus researcher; Perinatal Psychiatrist, Neurobiologist
Deb headshot
Debra K. Litzelman, MD, MACP
CARE Plus researcher; Director of Perinatal Community Based Programs
Scott headshot
Scott C. Denne, MD
CARE Plus researcher; Pediatrician, Neonatology
Sarah headshot
Sarah E. Wiehe, MD, MPH
CARE Plus researcher; Pediatrician