CARE Plus is a program helping pregnant women and new mothers with opioid use challenges in the Indianapolis area.
We use proven methods to provide a range of services and grow healthy relationships between mothers and babies.

We do this by partnering women with a:
· Recovery Coach
· Attachment Therapist

A CARE Plus recovery coach is there to provide support and access to resources in the local community. Attachment therapists are available for weekly meetings in effort to help mothers grow healthy attachments with their children and others.

We are all capable and deserving of change.

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Recovery Coaches: Support & Encouragement

Whether sharing resources to help with housing and food or simply being a shoulder to lean on, recovery coaches are ready to help when needed. Our coaches – who have personal experience with substance use challenges – support women in the program by educating, motivating, and linking families to helpful local resources.

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“Locating housing, employment, food resources – anything that you can think of, I’ll be happy to assist. I know that you’ll be faced with different challenges, and I’ll be there to be a support to you, and to advocate for you.” – CARE Plus Coach

Meet One of Our Coaches

Therapists: Healthy Attachments

Many of the women in our program have trauma in their past. This trauma often results in unhealthy relationships and distrust of others. To overcome this, our therapists use tools to help women explore and heal their trauma. Mothers learn ways to manage their emotions and soothe their children and how to build trust and healthy attachments with others.

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“Our only goal is to understand our patients and help them understand themselves. That’s it. That’s our goal.” – CARE Plus Therapist

Meet Our Therapist

CARE Plus is part of a group of projects focused on mother and infant health in Indiana. We use a unique, community- focused approach to help mothers living with substance use disorder and their babies.

The goals of CARE Plus are to decrease infant mortality, improve the health of mothers and babies, and address the opioid crisis. Signs of impact are evident in the success stories of mothers and babies who have participated, as well as in measures of infant mortality in Indiana, which in 2020 reached its lowest level since 1900.

CARE Plus is administered and supported by the Indiana University School of Medicine, the Indiana Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute, and the Indiana University Grand Challenges program, with additional support from the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation.

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